miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2008

Shopping à Paris

París, I´ll come back...

The Freelancer´s Fashionblog me ha pedido que completara la historia, así que he añadido alguna foto.

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the freelancer's fashionblog

That's a nice series of pictures, I like that it begins with the wings of a plane!
You have to make an end to the story too then later, right?


It´s true but...I don´t like goodbyes XD

Kira Fashion

ah Paris!



a kiss :)


Oh the city looks absolutely amazing! I'd love to visit one day! hehe. In regards to your comment on my post, I got the oxfords in the Philippines

the freelancer's fashionblog

Oh no I don't like goodbyes either... but yours had a promise of a return so it wasn't too sad :)


algun dia ire a Paris mientras seguire juntando jaja

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